Car Accidents

Multiple car accidents on Pennsylvania I-81 cause one death

A series of traffic accidents on I-81 may give Philadelphia drivers cause to exercise more caution during inclement weather. One death was reported in the total of nine vehicles involved in four separate but related car accidents on Nov. 24. At least one other individual was taken to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries. Criminal charges were not reported, but investigators did suggest that wet road conditions and speed were contributing factors.

The series of car accidents began with a jack-knifed semi truck that was traveling north and came to a stop before blocking both lanes of the interstate. As a second semi stopped to avoid collision, a third vehicle rear-ended it and rolled into the median. A minivan carrying the deceased woman and seriously injured male then crashed into the rear-end of the second semi. The minivan in turn was hit by an SUV.

Vehicles approaching the scene were attempting to evade both the central wrecks and each other. This caused two other wrecks. One of them ended on I-81 south, and the other involved a third tractor trailer. Several people were reported to have suffered unknown injuries in the accidents. The deceased victim was a resident of New York.

Multi-vehicles may require time for police to sort the details and assign causes. The victims involved in such an auto accident may have immediate financial needs. They could face mounting medical expenses alongside lost wages. Family members of the deceased may lose income and suffer other damages due to emotional suffering. Regardless of the status of the police report or eventual filing of charges, victims may seek the assistance of an attorney at any time. An attorney may be able to help victims receive compensation by gathering appropriate evidence and filing claims for personal injury and/or wrongful death.

Source: Your 4 State, “UPDATE: Police Say Speed, Weather Were Factors in Fatal I-81 N Accident“, Carmen Chau, Rose Lee, November 24, 2013